Texas Court Says Police May Ignore 2nd, 4th Amendment With “No-Knock” Searches

Inch by inch, law by law, Constitutional protections are being trampled by local, state, and federal courts in favor of decisions that limit or eliminate the freedoms specifically protected by the US Constitution. In the case below, both the 2nd Amendment, protecting the right of Americans to “keep and bear arms”, and the 4th Amendment protecting Americans from “unreasonable searches and seizures”.

The local SWAT team (looking for drugs in this case) unilaterally changed a limited search warrant, which required them to knock and announce themselves before entering a private home, into a ‘no-knock’ search, that allowed them to break down the door and enter the premises without any prior warning. The fact that the sheriff’s office suspected that guns were in the home should not have been sufficient reason, since all the guns were legally owned. The homeowner, John Quinn, was covered by Constitutional protections against the action that ended in a home invasion by police. It could have ended tragically instead of just outrageously. Quinn was shot and wounded, but he could have been killed. Continue reading