How Obama Lost Israel’s Election

Bibi's voictoryWhen Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu came to town in early March, he came to address a joint session of Congress at the invitation of House Speaker John Boehner. President Barack Obama pointedly refused to meet with him. His excuse was that he didn’t want to appear to influence the Israeli elections, just two weeks away.

That excuse was both ironic and blatantly hypocritical Continue reading

Netanyahu in Washington: An Eleventh-hour Plea for Sanity


On Tuesday, March 3, Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu laid out in an address before a joint meeting of Congress, a compelling rebuttal to the President’s case for the phased deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran.  He diplomatically paid court to President Obama for supplying both known and secret support for the Jewish nation of Israel, and thanked him for his continued friendship.

We didn’t need Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to come tell us how big a threat a nuclear enabled Iran will be. Well-informed Americans already know that Iran’s acquisition of a nuclear weapons production capability in the hands of their apocalyptic regime will fan the flames of war in the Middle East and put the entire world at risk. Continue reading

Israel’s Undependable Ally

Earlier this week, former Vice President Dick Cheney observed that relations between the United States and Israel, its most important Mideast ally have never been worse. Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal showed how bad they’ve become. Continue reading

Kerry’s No-win Middle East Initiative: No-Talks, No-Peace

john-kerry 2While Secretary of State John Kerry bemoans the collapse of his peace initiative and holds Israel responsible for its failure, he has mostly himself to blame: from the beginning, his anti-Israel position helped to tip the scales with a narrative and preconceived conditions that were neither fair nor true. Continue reading

The Shameful Saga of Jonathan Pollard’s Imprisonment

The massive injustice of Jonathan Pollard’s interminable incarceration has been upheld through the tenures of multiple presidents, Republican and Democrat alike. To say that Jonathan Pollard “deserved everything he got”, as many have done, begs the question of what really happened behind the scenes that would cause administrations of all political leanings to refuse to commute the cruel and inappropriately harsh sentence. Continue reading

Arutz-7: Kerry to Force Dangerous Security Plan on Israel

Over the last five years, Israel’s shaky position in the international arena has deteriorated badly, spearheaded by the Obama administration. As noted in next the article, America is showing itself to be no friend to its ally that now finds itself in the cross-hairs of incipient Iranian nuclear military power, with no friend in Washington to support its future security and, arguably, its existence.

Now information is surfacing that not only will the US not support Israel against the threat of an attack by Iran or its surrogates (i.e. Hezbollah and Hamas), but it is crafting policy that will force Israel to go against its own self-interest and national security. Continue reading

From Gatestone Institute: After Geneva, ‘The Islamic Bomb’

If nothing else is clear following the so-called ‘deal’ that the US has rushed to craft with Iran, one thing stands out starkly in the debris of America’s appeasement: Israel is in a more dangerous position now than at any time in recent history. Despite articulate but meaningless assurances from senior figures in Washington, including Secretary of State John Kerry and the President himself, Israel has never stood more alone in the face of such an implacable enemy – Iran and its jihadi surrogates. They have sworn to wipe Israel off the map, and are developing – with our assistance – the weapons to do it.

What are we thinking as we throw Israel to the wolves of Islamist madness? How dare we spit in the face of our long-time ally, and reach out to our enemy at Israel’s great and, quite possibly, existential expense?

Iran has declared victory even before the documents of the ‘deal’ are drawn and signed. They grin like the Cheshire cat. They have given up nothing in their quest for a seat at the nuclear weapons table, while we have given up our power to stop them, and what little remains of our leadership in the world. We have been out-negotiated and weakened yet again by those whose greatest wish is to destroy us and impose their tyranny on us. Continue reading