Bio-Warfare Expert: ISIS Poses Potential Bio-Threat, But Not Yet Equal to AQ or Hezbollah

Foreign Policy (FP) published an exclusive report on August 28th regarding the contents of a laptop captured in Syria from a Tunisian ISIS (ISIL) jihadi, “Mohammed S”, Found: The Islamic State’s Terror Laptop of Doom.  Among the 35,347 files found in 2,367 hidden folders on the laptop’s hard drive was a 19 page document allegedly providing details on plans to weaponize bubonic plague and use it as a mass casualty weapon.

Jill BellamyWe contacted noted Bio-Warfare (BW) expert, Dr. Jill Bellamy to address the issues raised by the FP account. Continue reading

2014 vs 7th Century – The Looming Clash of Civilizations

America’s long history of incompetence in Middle Eastern affairs has never been more evident than it is today. John Kerry’s bungled efforts to achieve an historic ‘peace accord’ was doomed from the start, and ended in open warfare between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. Like his predecessors, he failed to understand the basic dynamics that have created the volatile and dangerous situation that we now see in the Middle East. Before us is a clash of civilizations unlike any we have ever seen. Continue reading

The War of Tunnels: Israeli Intelligence and Technology Misaligned

The ground incursion by the IDF into Gaza that began on July 16th was triggered by the emergence of 13 Hamas commandos from a tunnel underneath the Gaza Israel frontier. They were detected by an armed IAF drone and quickly dispatched by a missile strike scattering both survivors and equipment near the opening of the tunnel.

17 days into the tough slog of the ground phase with 423 IDF soldiers fallen, including two Americans, more than 35 tunnels have been uncovered. A number of these were found to have entrances in homes, schools, apartment buildings and Mosques.  The Givati brigade has been assigned the dangerous tasks of inspecting these tunnels.   After sending in small tactical robots detecting booby traps, the tunnels are destroyed.

However, the obvious question is why was the IDF caught flat-footed by the enormity of the Hamas tunnel network when there were means available to map them?  Despite their being excavated more than 25 meters below the surface, Israel should have been able to anticipate the extent of the tunnel construction. Continue reading

Israel Becomes Newest Center for War in the Middle East

Israelis face growing concern as the barrage of rockets from Gaza increases, putting more of Israel under threat than ever before. Today, anywhere in Israel, Israelis have a maximum of three minutes to find shelter, but in the areas close to Gaza, they have only seconds, not minutes. Reports that rockets from Gaza can now reach Tel Aviv are now being taken very seriously and Israel is responding in kind. Continue reading

More Syrian Chem Weapons to Lebanon While War Provides Distraction

Where:  Qalamoun mountains on the Syria – Lebanon border
What:  Transport of Chemical material from Syria into Lebanon for Hezbollah .

While the Lebanese Army was disconnecting the roads of the perimeters from the inside the Lebanon side, the Syrian Army was busy transporting “chemical containers” to Hezbollah in the Bekaa Valley. Continue reading