Actions speak louder than words: Gaza residents trust Israel

It’s worth giving a little thought to the implications of this story from Gaza. Warned by a phone call from Israelis, 35 members of a Gaza extended family quickly left a building — and watched it being bombed. First three small strikes, from drones, and then a devastating hit by a rocket from an Israeli F-16. “It was a pinpoint strike,” the story goes on, echoing Secretary of State John Kerry’s comment in a talk show green room. “No one was killed or injured, and the surrounding buildings were untouched.” The story goes on to recount the woes of the displaced family — a legitimate point, I think. But it fails to explore two important implications. Continue reading

Kerry’s No-win Middle East Initiative: No-Talks, No-Peace

john-kerry 2While Secretary of State John Kerry bemoans the collapse of his peace initiative and holds Israel responsible for its failure, he has mostly himself to blame: from the beginning, his anti-Israel position helped to tip the scales with a narrative and preconceived conditions that were neither fair nor true. Continue reading

Kerry Says Israel’s Demand for Recognition as ‘Jewish state’ a mistake

Secretary of State John Kerry completely missed the boat on this one. Israel’s identity, from the first day of its founding, has been wrapped around the concept that Israel is a Jewish state, and a refuge for Jews everywhere. It is the only country to which Jews can go and count on acceptance, particularly when their lives are at risk elsewhere in the world. Given the growing anti-Semitism in countries around the globe – especially in Arab countries -  Israel’s identity as a Jewish state has never been more critical.

Anyone who does not understand that has no business being involved in policy-making that involves Israel. If Muslim states are not willing to acknowledge Israel’s right to define its own identity, even as they define themselves as Muslim countries, and bar Jews from their own territory (as the proposed state of ‘Palestine’ plans to do), then clearly peace with Israel is not on their agenda and there is no partner in peace.

Kerry needs to go back to school to study and understand the history that he intends to influence so dramatically.  Continue reading

Arutz-7: Kerry to Force Dangerous Security Plan on Israel

Over the last five years, Israel’s shaky position in the international arena has deteriorated badly, spearheaded by the Obama administration. As noted in next the article, America is showing itself to be no friend to its ally that now finds itself in the cross-hairs of incipient Iranian nuclear military power, with no friend in Washington to support its future security and, arguably, its existence.

Now information is surfacing that not only will the US not support Israel against the threat of an attack by Iran or its surrogates (i.e. Hezbollah and Hamas), but it is crafting policy that will force Israel to go against its own self-interest and national security. Continue reading

From Gatestone Institute: After Geneva, ‘The Islamic Bomb’

If nothing else is clear following the so-called ‘deal’ that the US has rushed to craft with Iran, one thing stands out starkly in the debris of America’s appeasement: Israel is in a more dangerous position now than at any time in recent history. Despite articulate but meaningless assurances from senior figures in Washington, including Secretary of State John Kerry and the President himself, Israel has never stood more alone in the face of such an implacable enemy – Iran and its jihadi surrogates. They have sworn to wipe Israel off the map, and are developing – with our assistance – the weapons to do it.

What are we thinking as we throw Israel to the wolves of Islamist madness? How dare we spit in the face of our long-time ally, and reach out to our enemy at Israel’s great and, quite possibly, existential expense?

Iran has declared victory even before the documents of the ‘deal’ are drawn and signed. They grin like the Cheshire cat. They have given up nothing in their quest for a seat at the nuclear weapons table, while we have given up our power to stop them, and what little remains of our leadership in the world. We have been out-negotiated and weakened yet again by those whose greatest wish is to destroy us and impose their tyranny on us. Continue reading