No Room in America for Christian Refugees

What can be more tragic than to lose everything in a war that has no redeeming value.
Such a war is that in Syria, where warring terrorists – from Hezbollah to ISIS – battle each other
and have declared open season on the indigenous inhabitants of once beautiful cities now in ruins. They have particularly targeted Christians, Alawites, and other minority groups, as well as local Muslims.
Yet, in the latest move by the administration to bring more immigrants to the US from Muslim countries, remaining Christians, who have been through unimaginable suffering are now being ignored in favor of their Muslim compatriots. “No room at the inn” takes on new and tragic meaning as we make way for 9,000 Muslims from Syria but not one Christian. Shame, Mr. President. Shame.  Continue reading

Was Assad Responsible for the Sarin Gas Attacks in 2013? Or Was It ISIS?

Was Assad Responsible for the Sarin Gas Attacks in 2013

Victims of Sarin Gas attack in Ghouta, Syria vicinity, August 21, 2013 Source: Reuters

In a recent special MERIA report, Jon Spyer reported on the probable ISIS Chemical Weapons  (CW) attack that killed Kurdish YPG fighters in the village of Avdiko near Kobani, Syria, It was reminiscent of the mid-2013 gas attacks on civilian population centers in Syria, one of which killed 1,500 in the suburbs of Damascus. The attacks were generally considered by world leaders and analysts to have been perpetrated by the Assad regime.  There is, however, considerable evidence indicating that those horrific attacks may not have been perpetrated by Assad at all, but, in fact, they were most likely the work of ISIS.

Recent experience with ISIS demonstrates their willingness to behave far beyond the capabilities of any other terrorist organization. Moreover, the situation in Syria is extremely complex, to the point of being bewildering to the Western mind. To oversimplify the events that take place in this strange and deadly war is both foolish and dangerous. Continue reading

Bio-Warfare Expert: ISIS Poses Potential Bio-Threat, But Not Yet Equal to AQ or Hezbollah

Foreign Policy (FP) published an exclusive report on August 28th regarding the contents of a laptop captured in Syria from a Tunisian ISIS (ISIL) jihadi, “Mohammed S”, Found: The Islamic State’s Terror Laptop of Doom.  Among the 35,347 files found in 2,367 hidden folders on the laptop’s hard drive was a 19 page document allegedly providing details on plans to weaponize bubonic plague and use it as a mass casualty weapon.

Jill BellamyWe contacted noted Bio-Warfare (BW) expert, Dr. Jill Bellamy to address the issues raised by the FP account. Continue reading

CIA Briefs US Military on Imminent ISIS Terrorist Bombing Plot on Southern Border; WH Denies Credible Threat

BREAKING STORY: August 29, 2014 4:10 pm EDT   According to a confidential and highly reliable source, Commanding General of the 1st Armored Division and Fort Bliss, Major General Stephen M. Twitty, has been briefed today by the CIA, on a credible threat against the US by ISIS. Based on intelligence from chatter and other sources, an attack along our southern border by ISIS may be imminent. The nature of the attack may be a large truck bomb or the access may lead to another type of major event.

Further information revealed by Judicial Watch  indicates that the attack may emanate from the border city of Ciudad Juarez in Mexico, across the border from El Paso, where terrorist groups, including ISIS, have been very active. This report flies in the face of Friday’s statement by White House spokesman Josh Earnest that “There is no evidence or indication right now that ISIL (ISIS) is actively plotting to attack the United States homeland.”

Editor’s Comment:  We have been warning our readers for some time that ISIS has openly targeted America and already has agents here in the US. We do not have the luxury of adopting the White House’s laid back approach to this clear and present danger. We cannot wait until after a terrorist attack to wring our hands and say, “If only we had known!”  We do know and the time to prepare is now. Another 9/12/2001 would be unforgivable. Mr. President, are you listening?

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ISIS and Hamas Against the West

Senior level people in the Obama administration seem to think that ISIS is some kind of joke, a low level group with grandiose goals and little means of achieving them. So while ISIS has continued to shore up its power-base and train its terrorists for global warfare, the President completed his vacation and continues his round of fund-raisers. The President and his appointed advisers continue to demonstrate their ignorance and incompetence when confronted by real world terrorists who have, under their noses, evolved into savages at war with civilization. The urgency that is now required to address the real and present danger represented by ISIS to the United States seems to be low on the list of Obama’s priorities. Continue reading

2014 vs 7th Century – The Looming Clash of Civilizations

America’s long history of incompetence in Middle Eastern affairs has never been more evident than it is today. John Kerry’s bungled efforts to achieve an historic ‘peace accord’ was doomed from the start, and ended in open warfare between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. Like his predecessors, he failed to understand the basic dynamics that have created the volatile and dangerous situation that we now see in the Middle East. Before us is a clash of civilizations unlike any we have ever seen. Continue reading

ISIS Demands Girls in Conquered Cities for ‘Sex Jihad’

What is hailed by ISIS jihadis as a victory for Islam, is a road to hell for those Muslims who don’t share their passion for their barbaric ideology. ISIS soldiers have shown themselves to be obscenely vicious and bloodthirsty to those in the cities they have captured. We saw it first in Syria, where Christians were targeted for rape, torture, beheadings, and crucifixions, but where Muslims were also victims of their greed and blood-lust. The following is just one account of the horror that they brought to the Muslims in Mosul, Iraq. ISIS fighters are now helping themselves to unmarried girls for mandated “jihad sex”.  Continue reading