The Freedman Report made its debut on November 8, 2013. It was a spin-off from GerardDirect.com, a news and commentary website that covered the controversial issues that the mainstream press was largely ignoring. GerardDirect provided analysis of the news based on current intelligence and the input from analysts around the world. Following a major hack of the website (we must have been doing something right!), it was decided to make the website easier to read and more targeted to our readers. And the Freedman Report was born.

Ilana Freedman, editor and major contributor to the FreedmanReport.com, is a veteran intelligence analyst and security consultant with over thirty years in the field of counter-terrorism intelligence analysis. She has provided advisory services to government agencies and global corporations seeking intelligence-led security solutions for threats that put their operations, facilities, and personnel at risk.

She is best known for her keen understanding of the complex world of terrorism, particularly the Islamist threat emanating from the Middle East, and her ability to synthesize diverse intelligence inputs into clear, actionable solutions.

Freedman considers the growing threat of Islamist terrorism in all of its manifestations – its metastasis throughout the world, and most particularly its threat to Western civilization as we have known it – to be the number one challenge facing the free world today.

The Freedman Report is a publication whose purpose is to bring clarification to the complex issues that threaten us and that the mainstream media often choose to ignore.

Contact Ilana at ilana@freedmanreport.com

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