Infant Murdered as Car Plunges into Crowd in Jerusalem

chaya-ziselThree month old Chaya Zisel Braun was run down and killed by a Hamas terrorist at the Silwan Light Rail Station in Jerusalem. Eight other persons in the crowd were injured as 21 year-old Abdel Rahman Al-Shalodi plowed through them onto on the station platform. Hamas issued a statement calling Al-Shaludi’s murder of Chaya Zisel an “act of heroism”. Al-Shaludi had previously served time in an Israeli prison on terrorist-related charges.

Chaya Zisel’s parents and grandparents, , the Halperins, who were visiting from America, grieved for their loss. Shimon Halperin and his wife had just arrived in Israel on their first visit after their birth of their granddaughter to see Chaya Zisel. Instead they were rushed to Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus where Chaya succumbed to her injuries. She was laid to rest at a Jerusalem cemetery at midnight, Wednesday, October 22nd.

Al -Shaludi’s mother did not acknowledge her son’s murderous action.
Instead, the Times of Israel reported 42 year old Inas Sharif saying “I feel [Chaya’s mother’s] pain. I am a mother after all. I don’t wish for any mother in the world to lose her child.”

The attack occurred on Wednesday at the Silwan Light Rail stop in Jerusalem, which located at the bottom of Ammunition Hill, the site of fierce fighting between Israeli and Jordanian soldiers in the Six Day War. Ammunition Hill is now a landmark, located at the edge of the residential Jerusalem neighborhood of Ramot Eshkol.

Biased media obfuscated the facts of the deadly attack. With its usual lack of concern for getting the ‘scoop’ before getting the truth, the AP initially ran the headline, “Israeli Police shoot man in East Jerusalem” and only after complaints about it being misleading changed it to read, “Palestinian Kills Baby at Jerusalem Station.”

The U.S. consulate in Jerusalem issued statement hours after the event calling it a “traffic incident”. When the news caught up at Foggy Bottom they called it an act of terrorism, but with the usual proviso of “all parties remaining calm.”

What passes for the leadership of the Palestinian Authority (PA) stoked the violence that broke out during the recent Sukkoth holiday. Wednesday’s vehicular homicide of three month old Chaya Zisel Braun was perpetrated by Hamas terrorist al-Shalodi with PA President Abbas, as an accomplice after the fact for inciting the terrorist act.

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