Ebola – A Wake Up Call?

A continually morphing virus is an unknown, so any information that the government gives us today, may be dead wrong tomorrow. The contradictory statements coming out of the government agencies about ebola is both inappropriate and counter-productive. They are caught between a rock and a hard place because they don’t know exactly what they are dealing with. They don’t want to choose between telling the American people the truth and facing the possibility of causing a panic, so they lie. Too bad. All Americans lose. Continue reading

CIA Briefs US Military on Imminent ISIS Terrorist Bombing Plot on Southern Border; WH Denies Credible Threat

BREAKING STORY: August 29, 2014 4:10 pm EDT   According to a confidential and highly reliable source, Commanding General of the 1st Armored Division and Fort Bliss, Major General Stephen M. Twitty, has been briefed today by the CIA, on a credible threat against the US by ISIS. Based on intelligence from chatter and other sources, an attack along our southern border by ISIS may be imminent. The nature of the attack may be a large truck bomb or the access may lead to another type of major event.

Further information revealed by Judicial Watch  indicates that the attack may emanate from the border city of Ciudad Juarez in Mexico, across the border from El Paso, where terrorist groups, including ISIS, have been very active. This report flies in the face of Friday’s statement by White House spokesman Josh Earnest that “There is no evidence or indication right now that ISIL (ISIS) is actively plotting to attack the United States homeland.”

Editor’s Comment:  We have been warning our readers for some time that ISIS has openly targeted America and already has agents here in the US. We do not have the luxury of adopting the White House’s laid back approach to this clear and present danger. We cannot wait until after a terrorist attack to wring our hands and say, “If only we had known!”  We do know and the time to prepare is now. Another 9/12/2001 would be unforgivable. Mr. President, are you listening?

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Actions speak louder than words: Gaza residents trust Israel

It’s worth giving a little thought to the implications of this story from Gaza. Warned by a phone call from Israelis, 35 members of a Gaza extended family quickly left a building — and watched it being bombed. First three small strikes, from drones, and then a devastating hit by a rocket from an Israeli F-16. “It was a pinpoint strike,” the story goes on, echoing Secretary of State John Kerry’s comment in a talk show green room. “No one was killed or injured, and the surrounding buildings were untouched.” The story goes on to recount the woes of the displaced family — a legitimate point, I think. But it fails to explore two important implications. Continue reading

Letter from a Shelter in Israel: Shooting Ourselves

I was completely surprised to discover earlier today that our Bomb Shelter Selfie Facebook groups (there are two, I started the smaller one) had become, in the wake of an article in Haaretz, a *thing,* with items in The Daily Mail and Buzzfeed. The articles themselves were pretty fair, although they focused on the happy, silly pix and failed to include the ones of worried moms with little boys, or wounded soldiers. The talkbacks (shocker)…. somewhat more disturbing. Continue reading

UN Finds Rockets in Own School, Gives Them Back to Hamas

In case anyone has any doubts about which side of the Israeli-Hamas conflict the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) stands, one only has to look at what happened last week, when they found rockets in a UN school in Gaza. Instead of removing them and removing them from the conflict, they turned them back to Hamas, who will no doubt redeploy them where they will do the most damage. Continue reading

The Malaysian Air MH17 Missile Attack: A Chilling Prod to Airline Security

The use of a sophisticated SA-11 missile by Ukrainian/Russian separatists to bring down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 has brought the threat of attacks against commercial airliners to a new level and significantly changed the game. No mere a commercial airliner flying at 33,000 feet. The problem supersedes international boundaries, and threatens air traffic around the globe. The solution may come from a surprising source. Continue reading

North Korea Gets Ready to Test Missile-Type Nuclear Warheads

On April 4th, Ri Tong-il, North Korea’s Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations, announced Pyongyang’s threat to “carry out a new form of nuclear test”, the fourth, according to some accounts (the fifth according to FreedmanReport proprietary sources). The timetable was uncertain, although the proximity of the announcement to President Barack Obama’s visit to Asia hardly seemed accidental.

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Americans should be alarmed over the Ukraine civil war, because what is taking place half-a-world-away in Kiev, Ukraine sends a clear signal around the globe that America no longer is the force for good; the power to stand against evil; the influence to start and direct meaningful negotiations we were known for at one time.  America is in retreat across the globe and our allies know this, and our enemies really know this and no longer even listen when Obama speaks! Continue reading

A Friendlier Iran? Or Have They Just Moved Their Nukes to North Korea?

After years of intransigence and unwillingness to even consider abandoning its nuclear program, Iran has suddenly become amenable to what appears to be real negotiations and an apparent readiness to compromise. The change was dramatic. Although still firing off occasional tirades against the West in general and Israel in particular, Iran is now allowing daily inspections of some of its nuclear facilities in exchange for the lifting of international sanctions.

The sudden shift in Iranian policy has raised eyebrows among those who still consider Iran’s nuclear program to be a major threat to peace in the Middle East. What could have caused this turnabout in Iranian tactics? New and stunning information from highly credible sources in the US and Asia may help to explain this striking change. Continue reading

From Gatestone Institute: After Geneva, ‘The Islamic Bomb’

If nothing else is clear following the so-called ‘deal’ that the US has rushed to craft with Iran, one thing stands out starkly in the debris of America’s appeasement: Israel is in a more dangerous position now than at any time in recent history. Despite articulate but meaningless assurances from senior figures in Washington, including Secretary of State John Kerry and the President himself, Israel has never stood more alone in the face of such an implacable enemy – Iran and its jihadi surrogates. They have sworn to wipe Israel off the map, and are developing – with our assistance – the weapons to do it.

What are we thinking as we throw Israel to the wolves of Islamist madness? How dare we spit in the face of our long-time ally, and reach out to our enemy at Israel’s great and, quite possibly, existential expense?

Iran has declared victory even before the documents of the ‘deal’ are drawn and signed. They grin like the Cheshire cat. They have given up nothing in their quest for a seat at the nuclear weapons table, while we have given up our power to stop them, and what little remains of our leadership in the world. We have been out-negotiated and weakened yet again by those whose greatest wish is to destroy us and impose their tyranny on us. Continue reading