Genesis of a Great Nation – A Reminder of Who We Are Supposed to Be

Constitutional_Convention_1787The men who created the United States of America at the end of the 18th century, came together in a boisterous, bickering fraternity, and worked with uncommon determination to create something unique in statecraft. They saw beyond the boundaries of their personal experience, and embarked upon a great experiment that swept thirteen autonomous colonies into a unique and historic confederation of the United States of America. Continue reading

Eulogy for a Friend and His Warning to the Jews of America

Emmanuel at 90

A few days ago, I received word that Emmanuel Pratt, my friend of 35 years, had passed away at the age of 94. Although ours was an often rocky friendship, we nevertheless remained close friends until the end.

Emmanuel’s life was something of a reflection of the country in which he chose to live, and which he loved with all his heart. He was brilliant and talented, even as he could be abrasive and volatile. He was highly political, independent, Quixotic, and with an explosive temper that often erupted when least expected. But his talent was extraordinary. He was a journalist – for English, Hebrew, and Russian language publications. He was an author and a translator. He was an artist. And he was a character! Continue reading

Obama’s War on Israel

Obama vs Bibi

President Barak Obama has declared war on Israel – the kind of war that will have far-reaching and devastating consequences on the future of both countries.Obama’s war against the Jewish state can be seen in his blatant disregard for Israel’s legitimate fears that a nuclear Iran will mean an uncontrolled nuclear Middle East and an existential threat to Israel. It was seen in his meddling in the recent Israeli elections in an effort to defeat Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. And in his poorly concealed rage when Netanyahu won a resounding victory. Continue reading

How Obama Lost Israel’s Election

Bibi's voictoryWhen Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu came to town in early March, he came to address a joint session of Congress at the invitation of House Speaker John Boehner. President Barack Obama pointedly refused to meet with him. His excuse was that he didn’t want to appear to influence the Israeli elections, just two weeks away.

That excuse was both ironic and blatantly hypocritical Continue reading

Netanyahu in Washington: An Eleventh-hour Plea for Sanity


On Tuesday, March 3, Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu laid out in an address before a joint meeting of Congress, a compelling rebuttal to the President’s case for the phased deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran.  He diplomatically paid court to President Obama for supplying both known and secret support for the Jewish nation of Israel, and thanked him for his continued friendship.

We didn’t need Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to come tell us how big a threat a nuclear enabled Iran will be. Well-informed Americans already know that Iran’s acquisition of a nuclear weapons production capability in the hands of their apocalyptic regime will fan the flames of war in the Middle East and put the entire world at risk. Continue reading

The Alternate Universe of Barack Obama

A perfect storm is gathering in the Middle East, fueled by revolution, increasingly organized Islamic terrorism at its most brutal, and the repositioning of world leaders as they struggle to wrap their arms around the growing threat. The gathering storm is being fed in the most unlikely way by a man who is at once afraid of his own power and, at the heart of it, delusional about his vision and his ability to achieve it.  He leaves critical decisions to others no more competent than himself, and delays implementing them, often until the need to act has passed. He panders to our enemies and offends our allies. He has undermined the strength of his nation and fed power to those who would destroy it.

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No Room in America for Christian Refugees

What can be more tragic than to lose everything in a war that has no redeeming value.
Such a war is that in Syria, where warring terrorists – from Hezbollah to ISIS – battle each other
and have declared open season on the indigenous inhabitants of once beautiful cities now in ruins. They have particularly targeted Christians, Alawites, and other minority groups, as well as local Muslims.
Yet, in the latest move by the administration to bring more immigrants to the US from Muslim countries, remaining Christians, who have been through unimaginable suffering are now being ignored in favor of their Muslim compatriots. “No room at the inn” takes on new and tragic meaning as we make way for 9,000 Muslims from Syria but not one Christian. Shame, Mr. President. Shame.  Continue reading

“Our conflict has never been about the establishment of a Palestinian state. It has always been about the existence of the Jewish state.”

Speech by Israel’s Ambassador to UN Ron Prossor at General Assembly,  November 29, 2014 with introduction by Editor

The United Nations, once the hope of nations to create an international forum based on democratic principles that would serve as a resource for peace. Instead, the UN has become an agency riddled with corruption and promoting the ideologies of nations who neither understand nor wish to comply with democratic principles.

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Rabbi Fought with Terrorists, Died While Saving Others

Rabbi murdered J'm synagogueEditor’s note: You may not understand all the words (in Hebrew or Yiddish) interspersed throughout the following article, but the underlying story is deeply moving. Aryeh Kupinsky was one of the victims of the vicious massacre at a Jerusalem synagogue last week. His courage during his last moments of life saved the lives of many others and his story is a testament to his life, which in itself was an inspiration. May his memory be blessed.
At the shiva house today for R’ Aryeh Kupinsky, I heard from his brothers that Aryeh fought with the terrorists during the terror attack last week in Har Nof. He threw everything at them — shtenders/lecterns, chairs, books — everything he could get his hands on, and he physically fought with them. They said when the terrorists were finally killed by the police, there were many other injuries on the terrorists besides the gunshots which killed them — inflicted by R’ Aryeh. R’ Aryeh yelled at people to get out — while he fought with the terrorists it allowed others to escape. He did not go down without a fight, and he saved people till the end.

‘Terrorism = National Security’ as Policy: A Bad Idea

The savage attack on worshippers at a Jerusalem synagogue this week demonstrated in the most horrible and graphic manner the futility of America’s obsession with ‘peace talks’ between Israel and the so-called ‘Palestinians’. Although it has been demonstrated countless times before, in terrorist attack after terrorist attack, every American administration in recent years has adopted the flawed policies of previous administrations, creating a moral equivalence between the terrorism of non-state actors and a nation’s right to self-defense. America has built its foreign policy around it.

What they don’t seem to get is this: there is no moral equivalence between the Palestinians and the Israelis.There can be no moral equivalence between non-state terrorists who murders civilians in violent terror attacks and a sovereign state with the responsibility to provide security to it citizens. In just the last fourteen years, 1,246 Israelis, most of them civilians (including the elderly, women, and children) were killed at the hands of Palestinian terrorists. These attacks have been brutal and unprovoked. They have ranged from random attacks on individual Israelis to a mass murder at a Passover Seder in 2002, in which a suicide bomber killed 28 Israelis and injured 140 more.

Israel’s response was massive then, as it should be now, and America should be standing shoulder to shoulder with Israel, fighting the scourge of Islamist terrorism that threatens both countries. Continue reading